„Comfort is not good in a world of learning.“

Some abstracts from a revealing conversation with Devin from learnlife Barcelona about the need of a new learning paradigm in education and how that can be realized – divided into three short sections.

First: The system

Devin names the baseline of the traditional school system: „Our school system does not realize, that there is a crisis of education, and that there are lots of unknown things coming down the pipeline in the future, and that they are not prepared for at all. They exist with bureaucracies that are not agile, not able to adapt and to change quickly. There’s a fear of change and there are really poor change management strategies.“

Second: The learners

He describes the situation in which learners normally find themselves: „They have this negative relationship with learning where they have already provoked a fighter-flight reaction with learning, because it might come with criticism and force. They think about learning in perverse terms, that learning is bad and negative for them. When you spend most of your academic career sitting in rows, spending the most of your day looking at your neighbours neck, who is sitting in front of you, education feels like something that is done to you not with you.“

Third: The future

„We have to unschool them, so that they can begin to really feel that they are actors and not spectators in their own education.“ The key question is: „How are we moving from a control to an empowerment paradigm? How do we empower learners rather than thinking about how to control their learning, they’re behaving, what they’re going to do with their lives? It’s all about how we empower them to take responsibility and agency over themselves.“

Here you can watch the full video of my expedition to learnlife:


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Find more about the impressive learning paradigm on www.learnlife.com

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